Stefani Keogh is a quarter Irish swamp witch, born, raised and currently living in a skyrim-esque cottage in the far east of England.

A vocal ‘Jack of all trades’, she has over 10 years of experience in musical theatre in a variety of different roles.

Although she has always been a lover of heavy rock and metal music it didn’t really fit in with the vocal styles needed for her theatre roles. So in the winter of 2019 she decided to embark on a new musical path venturing into the metal ‘scene’; by learning and perfecting extreme vocals, combined with her natural lower register whilst still maintaining her stage honed singing and performance skills. Ultimately creating a fairly unique and versatile mix not often seen amongst female singers.

Less than a year after making this transition, in November 2020 she was announced as the new permanent female lead singer in the Norwegian symphonic metal band; Nergard for which she then recorded several songs for their album ‘Eternal White’ including a solo single ‘Carry Me’ for which both were released in May 2021.

She is always keen to work with existing bands and new projects, either for recording or for live performances where she can bring her seasoned, story-telling approach to performing on stage. She is fully available for Touring, Stand-in and Session work. If you would like to work or collaborate in anyway, or if you need a stand in for live shows please use the contact page to get in touch.


“She is the linchpin of the show, switching effortlessly between modes and showing real vocal prowess.”

If you want to see some of my covers please check out the ‘videos’ page or click on the Youtube link alternatively you can read & watch some of my blogs or if you want to connect on a more personal level come and follow me on Instagram.

If you are interested in working with Stefani, either as a part time member of your band or on tour as an additional vocalist or even performing guest vocals on a record please use the contact page to get in touch!